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Eikasmos XXXIV (2023)
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Founded by Enzo Degani in 1990, the review «Eikasmós. Quaderni Bolognesi di Filologia Classica» is devoted to textual criticism and exegesis (the first section of each issue is dedicated to «Esegesi e critica testuale»), to the history of classical scholarship (the second section of each volume), and to a systematic and up-to-date survey of scholarly works in the fields of classical studies (the two last sections of each issue include reviews and a bibliographical supplement).

Here is Enzo Degani’s Presentation, published in «Eikasmós» I (1990) 7. All the issues of the journal are available (open access) 12 months after their publication date.
Pagine a cura di Valentina Garulli, Camillo Neri, Francesca Tomasi, Caterina Franchi e Tommaso Vitale.