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Eikasmos XXXIV (2023)
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Data Bank «Eikasmós»

From this page it is possible to enter the data bank «Eikasmós», yearly updated with the complete tables of contents of the review, and an abstract of all the articles and reviews. It offers several ways of searching and consulting all these data. Moreover, a link to Pàtron Editore's website allows users to enter the databank of the publisher and buy all the articles and reviews as searchable pdf files.

Credits for the data bank Francesco Citti, Federico Condello, Francesca Delneri, Elena Esposito, Valentina Garulli, Massimo Magnani, Camillo Neri.
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Instructions for using the data bank  

Data have been organized in seven fields:

Volume (issue)
Section (I. Esegesi e critica testuale; II. Storia della filologia classica; III. Recensioni e schede; IV. Segnalazioni bibliografiche)
Abstract (words used in the abstract)
Key Words (indexed by the Latin name of the main ancient author, the literay genre and the latin title of his work, the latin name of another ancient author, ?idionimi?, placenames, technical terms, etc.)
It is possible to search using one of these fields:
for example:
in order to get all pieces of Enzo Degani, you must enter
"Degani" on the field "Author";
in order to get all pieces of the Volume IX/1998, you must choose "1998" in the field "Volume" (drop down menu);
in order to get all pieces of "Esegesi e critica testuale", you must choose "Esegesi" in the field "Section" (drop down menu), etc.
or combining two and more fields:
for example:
in order to get the contributions of Enzo Degani on Aristophanes apart from the reviews, you must choose "Esegesi" in the field "Section", enter "Degani" on the field "Author" and "Aristophanes" in the field "Key words", etc.).

In the page of the results, you can clic "enter the record" of the searched article, and open it, read its abstract, and buy the full text (as a searchable pdf file) through the data bank of Pàtron Editore.

Pagine a cura di Valentina Garulli, Camillo Neri, Francesca Tomasi, Caterina Franchi e Tommaso Vitale.