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Eikasmos XXXII (2021)
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Barbara Zipser (ed.), Medical Books in the Byzantine World (Bologna 2013)

This volume originates from a conference on Byzantine Medical Manuals in Context, held in central London on the 19th of September 2009. The conference, which was jointly organized by Peregrine Horden and Barbara Zipser, formed part of a three year project on Byzantine Medical Manuals: Construction and Use based at the Department of History at Royal Holloway University of London.

Medical Books in the Byzantine World.pdf

The text (as a pdf file) can be scrolled or free downloaded (clic the file name and choose “Save as”), and printed for study. All rights are reserved for commercial reasons and aims.

Pagine a cura di Valentina Garulli, Camillo Neri, Francesca Tomasi, Caterina Franchi e Tommaso Vitale.